Presentation for Open Source Project: lcalibrary
  • Description of LCA
  • The use of LCA
  • Trivial solution n^2
  • Better solutions
  • This Project
Bender's Method
  • Brief overview
  • more info here
Vishkin's Method
  • Brief overview
  • more info here
Development process
  • Perl for Bender
  • C++ for vishkin
  • Library with sample drivers
  • To do: mpich


Definition of "Lowest Common Ancestor"

Consider a tree with 4 nodes. Lets say we are talking about somebody's ancestry or family tree.



Text Box: Bob
Text Box: Joe
Text Box: Mary

Text Box: Dave



Text Box: Dan


Joe has two children, Mary and Bob. Mary has two children, Dan and Dave.

The question we would like to ask is: Given any two nodes (people) what is the lowest  node (person) that connects both.

Example: LCA(Dan, Dave) = Mary. Mary is lowest node that connects Dan and Dave
Example: LCA(Bob, Dave) = Joe. Since Bob is Dave's uncle, there common ancestor is Joe

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