Presentation for Open Source Project: lcalibrary
  • Description of LCA
  • The use of LCA
  • Trivial solution n^2
  • Better solutions
  • This Project
Bender's Method
  • Brief overview
  • more info here
Vishkin's Method
  • Brief overview
  • more info here
Development process
  • Perl for Bender
  • C++ for vishkin
  • Library with sample drivers
  • To do: mpich

Why care about LCA?

Finding the LCA has many practical uses in Biology. While developing a computational library for the trivial case we saw previously seems futile, consider a scenario with millions of nodes, and having to constantly calculate lineages. This would be impossibly time consuming to do by hand.

Example Scenario:

Scientist commonly use fruit flies in genetic research. The flies multiply so rapidly, that after a short period, keeping track of the lineages can be daunting. As generations are altered, finding the lowest point of genetic separation is of the utmost importance.



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